With “Maakoul el Gharam” Nancy Ajram Goes For Tarab Again!

With “Maakoul el Gharam” Nancy Ajram Goes For Tarab Again!

Nancy Ajram is pretty major big name in Arabic pop. She has maintained her lead as a major force in Arabic pop for more than 13 years. Sure, there are other big names out there, some fade away, others make a return. But Nancy never goes anywhere, she is always in the front line. She has not gone away not even for six months and she manged to have a family and raise two little girls.

So with each album release, she makes millions and with each single song release she breaks the bank, and with each of her concert appearance, she dominates. Here comes a new single from her that’s so not pop. It’s a Tarab song by Nancy Ajram, the kind that builds a legacy. Like in fifty years from now, folks would still listen to these gems because they are relevant. It’s a real song with a lot of sweet emotions but also a little bit of agony.

December 23rd, 2015

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